UWiZ Technology, located in Zhongli Industrial Park, is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of electronics materials. Since its inception in 2006, the company has been recruiting high-calibre talents in chemicals, semiconductors and optoelectronics in Taiwan and overseas. The company produces slurry products for the semiconductor and optoelectronics industry. Its products have been widely adopted by leading international companies.

To enhance its competitive advantages, UWiZ Technology has been sparing no efforts in the research, development and production of high-quality customized products. The company also provides comprehensive and real-time customer services, to ensure its service quality is of international standards. In 2007, UWiZ Technology obtained ISO 9001 certification and dramatically improved the level of customers’ satisfaction in its product quality. This has helped to better its company image and competitiveness. Meanwhile, in response to the rising concern for environmental protection, UWiZ Technology obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2010. This is a testimony to the robustness of its environmental management system.

Looking forward, UWiZ Technology will continue to develop competitive and high-quality products with best-of-breed technologies, and provide customers with comprehensive and real-time services. The company endeavors to become a top-tier supplier in the electronics materials sector.


Quality Commitment

To achieve sustainable operations, UWiZ Technology ensures all its products are of best quality and catering to customers’ needs and all its services are thorough and complete. The company is also committed to providing comprehensive services to customers. To achieve the ultimate goal of excellence in quality and satisfaction of customers, UWiZ Technology is fully committed to the following quality management targets:

  • Implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system and to ensure the compliance of our products with customers’ needs, legal requirements and regulations and other stipulations.
  • Provision of appropriate resources, communication and policy support to continuously improve the effectiveness of its quality management system.
  • Promotion of quality-related training programs to ensure employees’ awareness and conducting of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Establishment, implementation and review of all the operational procedures on both an ex-ante and an ex-post basis in order to constantly improve product quality and procedure performances.

Technology Innovations

Since its inception, UWiZ Technology has been investing considerable resources in R&D to develop various CMP slurry products. Aiming to become one of best suppliers in the electronic materials sector, the company has been continuously innovating on its core technologies and working closely with customers.

R&D Targets

  • Development of a variety of high-performance CMP slurry products and offering of professional and innovative services to customers.
  • Continuous expansion of R&D scope in intellectual properties, so as to become a leader in technology and a customer-oriented supplier.

R&D Strategies

  • Continuous expansion of R&D team and scale, so as to develop newly and better products and qualities.
  • Close cooperation with world-class manufacturers to ensure technological upgrades.
  • Collaboration with upstream material vendors to ensure the development of better-performance and cost-effective products.
  • Joint efforts with domestic and international academic and research institutions to effectively enhance the R&D capability.
  • Allocations of generous R&D budgets annually to maintain and improve the R&D calibre.

Environmental Friendliness

UWiZ Technology commits to be a responsible corporate citizen and takes full responsibility for its role in environmental protection. The company takes both preventive measurements and continuous improvement methods to execute its environment policies as in the following:

  • Legal compliance: Meet all the domestic regulatory requirements regarding environmental protection and all the protocols on control and processing.
  • Green production: Improve designs and manufacturing processes to effectively utilize energies and resources.
  • Environmental communication: Maintain sustainable forums with suppliers and employers to promote the concept of environmental protection.
  • Pollution prevention: Improve manufacturing processes and recycling of resources to reduce wastes.